Best Under Desk Treadmill ✅ MaxFree Treadmill Review

Published on 07/28/22 / In Sports

If you've been looking for a standing desk treadmill, check out the MaxFree treadmill. At 4" tall, it's the thinnest treadmill for under $300 when you use the coupon: (coupon 10CB75P4).

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The Maxfree treadmill is 54.8” long, 26.6” wide and 4” tall when completely folded.

You can easily roll and maneuver the treadmill thanks to two front wheels. Weighing just 60 pounds, this treadmill is lighter than most options.

MaxFree Standing Desk Treadmill (coupon 10CB75P4).

Maxfree Treadmill: Pros
1. Compact
Not only does this unit have a small footprint to fit tight spaces, but it stows away nicely under any bed or couch with 4” of clearance.

2. Easy to use
Another positive feature of the MaxFree treadmill is how easy it is to use. Whether you use it as a standalone treadmill or a standing desk treadmill, you’ll find it easy to control and comfortable to walk on.

3. Cheap
Finally, the price is absolutely a positive feature of this treadmill. The coupon brings the cost down to just $289, so you can have a great standing desk treadmill setup at a very reasonable price.

Maxfree Treadmill: Cons
Now for some cons, or things I’d change about the unit.

1. Needs handle cutouts
Despite its portability, the unit was missing some handle cutouts. That would have made it much easier to grab and move.

2. Flimsy handles
The handle latches on the side are a bit flimsy, and these connect to the control arm. Unlike other treadmills, you can’t lean on these handles as you walk; they’re definitely not designed to hold much weight.

3. No incline
Although the treadmill is great for walking or jogging, it doesn’t have an incline feature, so you can only walk on a level surface.

As a physical therapist, I’ve used many treadmills in different clinics and I have to say, I really like how simple and to-the-point the Maxfree treadmill is. The dimensions are practical and the build quality is first-rate, especially considering this unit is one-tenth the price of a professional grade treadmill.

If you want to become more active but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a treadmill, this is the machine you’re looking for. With the Maxfree treadmill, you can make your current standing desk a treadmill standing desk and get your cardio in throughout the day – for less than $300.

MaxFree Standing Desk Treadmill (coupon 10CB75P4).

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